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The Moores’ Family of artists from Nottingham, United Kingdom. Issue 1.1 
Thomas Cooper Moore[1], 1827[2]-1901[3] and two of his sons, Claude Thomas Stanfield, 1st June 1853[4] - 2nd April 1901[5] and Reuben Arthur, 1860[7]-1933[8], were respected Nottingham artists from 1855 to 1920[39]. Reuben is R. A. Moore’s given name but he is more often listed as Rubens[6][9]. Collins Ardell Moore, Thomas’s second son, born in 1856[10], also had acclaimed artistic talent and was employed as a lace curtain designer[11], in the Nottingham lace trade.  
At the age of 33, in 1861[12], Thomas Cooper was a “Clerk, Architect, and Surveyor” and, in 1881[13], Reuben was a Pawnbroker’s Apprentice. Claude earned a living as a lithographic draughtsman[14][15], until he was able to support himself as an independent artist. From about 1880 Thomas, Claude and Reuben exhibited their work regularly, at The Nottingham Castle Art Museum and The Nottingham Society of Artists[9]. The Moores’ work was also exhibited at other towns in the region; there is a record of Thomas Cooper’s work exhibited at Derby[16], Sheffield, Birmingham and London[17][18]. Thomas, Claude and Reuben were praised for their scenes of Old Nottingham and all captured many scenes of disappearing Britain featuring country life and buildings of character [19][20], working with line drawings, monochrome, watercolours and oils[21][22]. Thomas Cooper was a founder-member of the Nottingham Society of Artists[23][24] and besides pursuing his career as an architect, still found time to create many attractive paintings and drawings and encourage his sons[14][25]. There are a number of Thomas Cooper's paintings in The Nottinghamshire Archive, Nottingham Central Library, Nottingham County Hall and Nottingham Castle Museum[26]. One painting, called The Pool of London which was created, jointly by T. C. Moore and his son, Claude, sold at auction in 1999 for £12,000[27][14] 
One of the Derby exhibits was “Fair-day in the Morledge”[28], depicting a bustling city centre Easter fair, at Derby, see image in the right hand panel. This picture, now in the possession of the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, was exhibited at Mr. Keene’s picture exhibition in Derby[29], according to the Derby Mercury of 31/05/1882[16], by T. C. Moore but is now attributed to Claude T. S. 
The work of all three of these artists is similar in character[40] and variety; all sought charming urban and rural scenes, coastal scenes and seascapes in The British Isles and Western Europe [22][30][31] 
By 1891, Claude T. S. had declared himself an Artist, Marine[32]; Claude’s pictures are predominantly river scenes or coastal scenes with vessels drawn in intimate detail always with dramatic lighting effects. Claude had a studio in Nottingham[33] but worked mainly in London from 1882[27][14] and painted many London scenes, some of 
the most prominent being his views of the Thames, its wharves, ships; and his views of The Houses of Parliament and Westminster[34], from the river[15][22][30]
Claude was said to have been influenced by the Nottingham painters Henry Dawson and J. M. W. Turner due to the use of light in his paintings although it has been said that his paintings of the Thames give the impression that they are "in the topics"[15]
Sadly Claude T. S. died in 1901, at the age of only 47[5], shortly after his father. 
Reuben (who usually used the name Rubens, in his professional capacity) had declared himself a Landscape Artist in 1891 and an Artist/Sculptor in 1901[35]; he moved to Mansfield circa 1910 where he worked for Messrs. Berringer Wallis and Manners, later to become The Metal Box Company, creating designs for containers, biscuit tins etc. Reuben intricately carved, polished and decorated 34 coconut shells[36][37], probably while living at Mansfield. There is one of his pictures in the collection of the Merchant Adventurers' Hall in York, U.K.[38].  
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Thomas Cooper Moore 
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. 
1901 (aged 74), 
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England 
Claude Thomas Stanfield Moore 
1 June 1853 
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England 
2 April 1901 (aged 47), 
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England 
The Morledge in Derby with a fair in progress.  
See Reference 16. 
Reuben, Ruben or Rubens Arthur Moore 
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England 
4th May 1933 (aged 73), 
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England 
The Day's Bag by Rubens! Arthur Moore; secondary copy