Strange Similarities between Thomas' and Claude's work. 
It is unfortunate that the signatures on some of the pictures attributed to Claude T. S. Moore and his father Thomas Cooper Moore are practically indistinguishable from each other. The following example shows the similarity.  
The first two signatures are from pictures on public display; see and the third, from a picture in a private collection, which is known to be by Claude T. S. Moore.  Claude T. Stanfield’s “The Pool of the Thames over London’s Silent Highway” on that web site bears a signature like the one from “Peel Castle” others attributed to Claude are at variance with this. 
Taken from “Lenton Boatyard” by Thomas Cooper Moore.
Taken form “Evening” supposedly by Claude Thomas Stanfield Moore.
Taken from “Peel Castle” I.O.M.  known to be by Claude Thomas Stanfield Moore.
It is interesting that two pictures, one by Claude T. S. (1871) and one by Thomas Cooper (1876),  both with the same title “ENTRANCE TO THE TEXEL, HOLLAND” are so similar; of course there is not much detail in these small images but you may be able to see larger ones by following the associated links. There is however, a slight difference in the sizes recorded for the two pictures:-
Lot 1665: CLAUDE T. STANFIELD MOORE, Lawrences: 2010. An enlarged view from Lauwrences' Catalogue may be available here.
Lot 773: Thomas Cooper Moore (1827-1901), Christie's: 2009. A larger copy may be available on this page.